What is Permanent/ Welded Jewellery?

PMJ is short for permanent jewellery or otherwise known as the infamous welded jewellery. Permanent jewellery is effortless jewellery that can be personalised and measured for a perfect fit through welding techniques. 

Naked Palm currently offers permanent jewellery services for bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings down in Devon by appointment. However, we love to travel so if you would be interested in hosting a pop-up event with us please enquire at hello@nakedpalm.co.uk

Permanent jewellery can be offered in a variety of metals and chains, the metals include 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled and 9ct Solid Gold. These variety of metals are used due to their durability making them fit for purpose for everyday permanent wear. You can make your permanent piece as bespoke and personalised as you wish with a variety of charms and connectors to add to your chain. Charms and connectors include birthstones, opals, hearts, lightening bolts, infinity symbols, initials and many more, it just keeps expanding! 

After all, it’s addictive you’ll never stop at just one piece! 

To create our permanent jewellery we use a welding machine that is specifically designed and insurable for permanent jewellery services. We use the Orion Pulse welder which is currently the most reputable machine available to ensure precise, safe and strong welds for your permanent piece. 

To view our array of permanent work and how its created follow us on instagram @nakedpalmjewellery 



Caring for your permanent piece is simple due to the resilient metals used:

  • Avoid contact with abrasive cleaning products 
  • To clean the chain use warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush 
  • Take care when engaging in certain activities and removing clothing to avoid breaking the chain 
  • If you need to remove your jewellery, cut with sharp scissors at the weld site or contact us 
  • In the unfortunate event that your chain is caught and stretches we can re-weld the chain to fit properly again 
  • Re-welds after removals or stretches can be carried out for a small fee (subject to the chain not being damaged and still fit for PMJ wear) 
  • Silver is prone to oxidisation in certain conditions. The most common being chemicals, hot tub, humidity and even your pH levels. If your jewellery happens to dull and darken through oxidisation, silver cleaner or silver cleaning wipes/ cloths will help restore the chain 
  • We are not responsible for broken, lost or misplaced jewellery

Enjoy your effortless jewellery and please don’t forget snap, share and tag us on socials! @nakedpalmjewellery