Sizing guide


We want your jewellery to fit comfortably so you can wear it always.

Our rings are produced following the US ring size chart, we have produced our own charts and NAKED PALM ring sizes below to make fitting/ ordering easier for now and future purchases!

sizing guide table

Alternatively, if you already own a ring that fits perfectly and you’re unsure of its size, compare it to our ring charts to find its best NAKED PALM conversion. Simply measure the inside diameter of the desired ring in mm and match it to the NAKED PALM charts.

Still needing some extra help to measure and get your perfect fit using your own ring? No problem! This printable page will have you covered… 

Ring size chart button

We have designed the following chart to be used with an existing ring of yours to decipher your ring size for your NAKED PALM purchase. 

If you have a plentiful selection of rings in your collection we recommend using a ring you already own that is most similar to the NAKED PALM ring you wish to purchase, such as band width, thickness and style. 

Follow our simple steps outlined below to determine your best NAKED PALM fit: 

  1. Print the Naked PALM ring size chart that is downloadable above, in full and accurately to 100%, check the scaling is set too ‘none’ on the printing dialogue options to ensure the size of the page is not reduced or compromised when being printed. Reducing down the printing size on the paper will not give a true, accurate size (mm) of the letter circles being printed. 
  2. To ensure you have printed the page to full accuracy please measure the straight black line, labelled ‘3cm’, if the page has been printed correctly this should measure exactly 3cm on your ruler. 
  3. Trial and error your ring size by placing your ring over the letter circles below, you are looking to find the best match of the inside edge of your ring with one of the letter circles. The best fitting letter circle will indicate your ring size. 
  4. Once the inside edge of the band of your ring fits snug with a letter circle below, that is your ring size. If the ring is torn between two sizes we recommend opting to size up. 

Click here to view our full NAKED PALM ring sizing conversion chart.  

We also offer a ring sizer that can be added to your cart on our website. The ring sizer is an easy and effective way to identify your ring size, simply try on the ring sizer, adjust it to the best fit for your finger, record the UK size given on the measurer and compare it to our NAKED PALM size chart to find your perfect fit.

When using the ring sizer ensure the sizer can slip off your finger past your knuckle as you wish the ring to be able to do when taking it off and putting it on.


Be sure to measure your finger in relaxed conditions, if you’re too hot your fingers can swell and this won’t give an accurate size.
If you fall between two ring sizes we recommend sizing up.


 If you’re still struggling to find your perfect fit please do not hesitate to contact us at and we can help assist you further.



All of our necklaces come with a 2’ extender chain for versatility on your layering looks! 

We have designed our necklaces with extender chains to accommodate the variety of necklines in fashion. We want you to be able to wear your NAKED PALM necklaces as much as possible and making them super versatile means you’ll never have to take them off despite the clothing! 

Layering necklaces really draws attention to each piece. With our extender chain,  layering necklaces has been made super easy! And again, you have more opportunity to wear each necklace due to its versatility. 

To layer our necklaces we suggest wearing one item on the shortest loop and the second on the longest loop, you can also just keep adding more and increasing those layers! 

We typically work with the following lengths for our necklaces:

  • 13” this is the shortest length that we offer, this is typically referred to as a ‘chocker’ necklace. It wraps around your neck and doesn’t drop past the lowest part of your neck. 
  • 16” this is typically our most popular length as it is extremely versatile with many fashions. It sits perfectly in the little nook of your chest between your collar bones. 
  • 18” this is our most common length for larger pendents as it sits a couple of inches below the nook of your chest. 
  • 20” this length typically sits in the middle of your chest, it is best worn over a higher neckline or with a bikini or a deep v-neck for a statement look.
  • 22/ 24” these are one of our longest lengths that we will use, they are perfect for being worn over clothing or with a bikini/ deep plunge neckline.
  • 30" is the longest length that we will use, they are perfect for being worn over clothing such as a plain top or chunky knitwear.  


Please be aware that is just a guide for how the necklaces will sit on each wearers chest. Everyones figures differ which subsequently will differ how the necklaces will sit on each individual. 




Our earrings come in a variety of fastenings. We have thoughtfully designed these fastenings to compliment the design best and promote comfort for our wearers. 

Most of our earrings will either come in a butterfly back or fasten as a huggie.

To open and close our huggies you gently hold either side of the slimmest part of the huggie (this slim part is where the bar will go through your lobe piercing). Gently pull on either side of the slimmest part of the huggie and one end will begin to open and essentially 'fold back'. This will form an opening for you to be able to pop the bar through your ear, once successfully in gently push the back of the huggie towards your lobe and it will close and 'click'. After hearing the 'click' your huggie is securely fastened. 

Our butterfly back earrings are typically a length of 8mm that will fit through your lobe and allow the back to fix on. 

Our huggies feature in an array of diameters. All huggies are measured from their internal diameter in mm. 

 9mm, this is our smallest size that sits snug around your ear lobe. 

 10mm, this is our medium size that sits closely to your ear lobe. 

 12mm, this is our large size that sits a slight distance from the ear lobe

 15mm , this is our extra large size, the end of your ear lobe typically sits central of the internal diameter. 


Please be aware that this is just a guide for how the huggies will fit our wearers. Everyones ear lobes differ, especially when lobe piercings are pierced and positioned differently. 



As the internal diameter increases in our huggies we typically simultaneously increase the thickness of the hoop too. 


Not all designs are available in all huggie sizes, we have carefully selected the appropriate huggie size to compliment the design.