Welcome to NAKED PALM Jewellery.

We are an ethical, independent jewellery brand based in Devon, where we hand-draw all of our lustrous designs. Our designs are then responsibly sourced, developed and handmade by incredible artisans.

NAKED PALM launched in November 2021 by Toriee Langley who from an early age, has had an undying love for jewellery and natural gemstones. NAKED PALM was launched to bridge a gap in the market between cheap fast fashion jewellery and incredibly expensive fine jewellery. By creating our designs in either 925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Vermeil and using natural pearls, diamonds and semi-precious gemstones, we are able to offer beautiful, premium jewellery, with longevity at an affordable price.

Here at NAKED PALM, we LOVE all things natural, beach and boho. Travels power us and help inspire and curate our collections. We strive for an earthy luxe branding that invites all the neutral palette lovers. However, we are a sucker for a gorgeously bright gemstone that divulges all of its natural beauty. So, keep watch of our collection launches as we’re certain there will be something for you!

My passion for jewellery is derived from my Nan’s gorgeous jewellery collection that I would always nag to dress-up in on Saturday mornings, whilst my Nan cautiously watched me, a six-year-old girl, handling her precious diamond and gold vintage jewellery. From here onwards my love and passion for all things jewellery continued to grow.

In early 2020 when we were forced into lockdowns, my former industry was forced to close, this allowed me to reflect on how I had become consumed by my job and was stuck in a rut of working long hours with little to no spare time. This forced time away from work made me eager for a change in career and lifestyle, and to achieve something I initially could have only ever dreamt about.

Using the period of lockdowns to my advantage I began to meticulously develop NAKED PALM and change my dream of jewellery designing into a reality.’

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