What is Gold Filled?

Gold Filled ✨ 

We currently only use 14K gold filled in our permanent jewellery collection. 

Gold filled jewellery is another category of extremely durable plated gold that uses a mechanical process involving heat to securely bond multiple sheets of gold to a base metal composed of a brass or copper alloy. It is otherwise known as ‘rolled gold’ at the end of the process the piece of jewellery is covered in a thick layer of solid gold that constitutes of 5% of it’s weight. 

Curating chains and charms for our permanent jewellery services from this metal ensures our products are hard wearing and resistant to tarnishing for everyday wear. It is also a much more affordable option opposed to solid gold to offer clients. This is simply because the majority of the weight of the product is composed of a cheaper metal, yet the exterior of the product that matters most is solid gold and therefore has the beautiful golden hue and the hard wearing factor of solid gold. Over a very long period of time and with severe lack of care and recklessness gold filled products could loose their golden appearance, but ourselves and our manufacturers have not yet encountered this issue with our permanent jewellery clients.