Page 1 - Brief Beginning

Hola all and welcome to NAKED PALMs first blog post, I’m Toriee, the founder of Naked Palm and I’ll be writing all of the blog posts. Here I endeavour to document some of the main events of Naked Palm’s journey and the raw reality of setting up a small business, the up’s, the down’s and the aspirations. I’m no author so please bypass the spelling and grammar errors, haha. 

Casting that aside, let’s dive into Page 1 of Naked Palms Journal 📖… 

Naked Palm has been an absolute dream of mine since a very young age. I believe the obsession began when my beautiful nan kindly let me get my grubby six year old mitts on her vintage gold jewellery and continue to dress up in it.

When the first lockdown struck in 2020, my career was heavily hit and forced to close, freeing up a lot of spare time that I never had before (I work in Beauty Therapy as a self employed therapist and continue to work the two businesses whilst Naked Palm grows). Indulging in the free time, I began to design some jewellery and really didn’t think a huge deal of it. An inspirational person to me shared their journey on beginning their business and really made the move of beginning something so big feel so achievable. For weeks and weeks I trawled the internet for manufacturers to meet my requirements and sampled a few items, one manufacturer in particular really stood out to me. A few months later the handful of designs arrived from this particular manufacturer and I couldn’t help but feel an instant drive and passion to pursue what is now Naked Palm. 

Initially, I didn’t have the vision for the branding just a passion for the jewels I was designing. I decided to make the branding ‘very me’ and work with all the neutrals, beiges and florals that I love. I felt by keeping a neutral branding it would never clash with any of the designs, especially those with vibrant gemstones. 

Once the concept of the packaging was developed I began to envision and work on the website. And boy oh boy, did I underestimate the work load and the cost on developing a website! …but this had to be perfect, user friendly and really portray the vision of the brand. 

In the meantime, once the samples had arrived and I was confident with the manufacturers I had chosen, I continued to design and produce the designs you see in our collections today. 

Fast-forwarding 18 months to November 4th 2021 Naked Palm was launched and our first order rolled in 3 hours after the website being live.  A sale I will never forget and a customer I will always cherish. The feeling of making a sale was so surreal and in all honesty I still get the same feeling for every sale I make to this day and the same appreciation to every customer who chooses me *insert teary eye emoji*. 

But there we have it, the extremely basic overview of Naked Palm’s journey so far. I will be writing weekly Page’s to this journal on key moments, moments of which haven’t been mentioned in Page 1 but have shaped and moulded the brand. 

See you on Page 2 ✨